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“WOW! Mark at Tenorio Werx is amazing! I own a handmade bass and recently wanted to have new pickups installed. After having bad luck with another place intown, I called Mark based on his reviews. Not only did he see me on a Saturday which he was getting caught up, he spent an hour of this time talking to me about what my needs where and why my bass isn’t filling my low-end needs. I learned more about my bass, woods, electronics, amps, strings, pick placement, etc. in an hour with him than I have in the past 20 years. He had me plug in and play and then he started making recommendation on how to achieve the tone I’m looking for. ALL FOR FREE! No one else in town will do that! If you want the names of bad luthiers in Denver, I can supply several, if you want the names of some good luthiers in Denver, I can supply maybe one or two, if you want an amazing, knowledgeable and honest luthier in Denver, It’s Mark at Tenorio Werx!”– Michael C.

“Mark Tenorio is a gem of a human. I’ve been taking guitars to Mark since 2000. He always takes ample time to inspect the instrument and to talk with me about what I want and what he recommends. His work is impeccable, and his knowledge encyclopedic. On top of that, he is as honest as you can get. It is a singular joy to pick up an instrument from Mark, because I know it’s going to sound and play *awesome* — and it does, every time.”–Dave S.

“Best Guitar Tech in the state, I could even say the region. Mark listens to everything you say and does everything he can to meet your needs, he also asks you to plug in to hear your style so he can set up the guitar to accommodate your playing. It’s hard to find a guitar tech this interested in his work so if you were having the same problem as me look no further than Tenorio Werx.”–Steve Jones

“Mark T., Is simply the best he’s one of us and then some… A player, multiple instruments very well, many style changes, oh and by the way a Master Craftsman/Luthier, teacher, willing to share even little secrets (I didn’t say that) that can change ur whole approach to our music selves. His werx on instruments is . beyond first rate (Fender has bestowed Gold Status) on Mark for instance… Alchemy rules the day, and our nights playing.”–Raymond L.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Mark! He is extremely professional and went above and beyond to complete my project fixing my guitar even though I needed it urgently right before the concert. I’m sure it’s the only shop in town where you can get your guitar fixed, remodeled and even get guitar lessons!”  —Roman Buzinov

“Mark is an elite luthier and repair man. My wife and I have entrusted him with many classical and electric guitars. He always does top notch work and makes sure to explain thoroughly what needs to be done. He teaches the musician how to take good care of their instruments. He also makes great classical guitars.”–Danny Masters

“Going to Tenorio Werx was a serious wake up call for me. Prior to that I had no idea what to expect from a guitar tech; I had seen several others who merely took my guitar, did a general adjustment, and handed it back to me a few weeks later with little to no comment. On my first visit to Mark Tenorio, we spent about an hour just talking about my playing style, guitars I like, what I expect from a guitar, which frets I favor, etc. – all before he even looked at my guitar. I left raving to friends that I had found a guitar spa!

Over the years I have taken almost every guitar and bass I own there. Without fail if I’m on a gig and a fellow musician plays one of my guitars, their response is: “Who set this up?! This plays amazingly well!” Mark caters his setups and adjustments to my individual playing style. One of the many things I have learned from him – having also taken a class from him – is that guitar setups are no easy feat! They are as unique as the player playing the instrument. It is a mix of science and art to arrive at the perfect setup for each individual.

I refer all my musician friends and students to Mark. Major bands coming through town send their guitars to him. I personally look forward to going to his shop because I always learn something new. In a world of hobbyists turned professionals, Mark is someone who has extensively studied his craft, even to the extent of studying luthiership in Spain. He teaches classes on guitar maintenance and building, and even takes on worthy apprentices. I don’t know of anyone else who is as accomplished in the field. Mark Tenorio is a true master craftsman, blending science and art in a continuous path towards perfection.”   —J. Francoeur


“I have been a professional musician for over fifty years. The first twenty plus years I bounced around from one Luthier to another, never quite satisfied with the product I was receiving. One day in the late 80’s I was visiting my local Prosound Music Store picking up a few things and commenting on my need for some service on my guitar. The gentleman behind the counter said “today is your lucky day” (little did I know how true his comment would turn out) and said “how so”?  He said “That is what I specialize in”, the man was Mark Tenorio. From that day forward Mark is the “Only” Luthier to work on my guitars. He is a true genius when comes to making your guitar/guitars as good as they can possibly be.

He founded Tenorio Werx in 1999 and after establishing himself as The Premier Luthier in Colorado he decided to pursue the art of building guitars. He packed up his bags in 2002 and headed to Spain to study with Jose Romanillos. When Mark returned to Colorado and began building his own signature guitars and has never looked back.

No matter where you reside within the Rocky Mountain Region you won’t go wrong making a trip to Denver for his expertise. For my money it gets no better than Mark and Tenorio Werx!”–L. Sims


“Mark and I have been friends for years and as long as he’s been exclusively been working on my guitars… If you’re in need of any type of work on your instrument, look no further than Tenorio Werx (303-722-4887). Only Mark werx on my Paul!”–D. Shebiel

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